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Erin Jordan

Professional Construction Cost Estimator

Professional Profile

Erin Jordan has been with Adjusters International since 2004. As a Professional Construction Cost Estimator, she inspects the damaged property of clients, focusing on documenting building structure damage. Her estimates are detailed, and cover the footprint, interior, exterior and finishes so that everything that was lost is properly documented and the costs are accurately estimated.

Her work supports Adjusters International’s public adjusters as they compile claims to present to insurance companies on behalf of clients. Frequently, it is Erin’s role to pour over the estimates and repair proposals to determine what is missing or mispriced.

Erin has worked with clients suffering from numerous catastrophic events, ranging from vandalism, fires and water damage, to widespread events including tsunamis, earthquakes and hail damage Following the tsunami and earthquake in 2009 Erin worked as the primary estimator for the Government of American Samoa compiling estimates for over 60 buildings and, working through cyclone season to ensure that the estimates were completed in a timely manner.

Personal Commitment

Erin’s attention to detail and work ethic make her a strong member of Adjusters International team. Her collaboration with our public adjusters helps to identify any significant differences in proposals and estimates provided by insurance company adjusters. This collaboration usually results in an increase in compensation for clients. Erin’s experience in the construction business provides her with a perspective on how difficult and important the restoration process is, and gives her insight into additional costs that might not be as easily identified by one without her experience.

Erin’s demeanor puts clients at ease and reassures them that the team that they have entrusted their claim to will be efficient and professional.

Professional Involvement

  • National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA)