John Fristoe

John Fristoe

Professional Construction Cost Estimator

Professional Profile

John Fristoe is an Estimator with Adjusters International who officially joined our company in 2010. Prior to that, he had worked with our team as a third-party estimator since 1997. John’s background in construction is a valuable skill set, having been in the field since 1976 he learned everything about the building process, from breaking ground to completion, while working on custom homes for 10 years before starting his own company.

John’s primary role is to assess the damage that has occurred during a major loss and estimate what it would take to restore the building to its state immediately prior to the insured event.

Personal Commitment

As an advocate for the owner, John takes his jobs personally. He makes sure that his clients are awarded every penny they are entitled. He may review his estimates 10-15 times to be sure they are correct before handing them over to the insurance company. John is dedicated to ensuring that clients are satisfied with his work product. He knows his clients often do not know what to do after a catastrophic loss and he works diligently to help them through the process.

Professional Involvement

  • National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA)