Insurance Delay Tactics – How our Public Adjusters are Trustworthy and Reputable


Dick Emerine:

Ever since my book was published, you know, “Gone in 20 Minutes” – I probably talked with a couple of thousand people about their situation, and what they’ve gone through.

I would say the largest complaint, that all of them have – about dealing with their insurance company – are the delays associated with it. The fact that the insurance company adjuster doesn’t return the telephone call, the fact that the insurance company doesn’t pay, when they said they were going to pay – even when it’s relatively minimum amounts of money.

I mean in my own case, for example, my dog stayed at my – my dog’s were boarded for 20 days, I was going to pick them up to take them to the temporary living location – gave the insurance company adjuster a week’s notice, as to when I was going to move, so that the check could be there to pay for the boarding – and I got the check two weeks after I picked up the dogs… I, you know… they made me wait two weeks – I mean delay, is in the insurance company’s best interest. They hope that you forget. They hope that maybe you die before they have to pay the claim. Any delay works to their particular advantage.

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