Andy Wooldridge

Professional Profile

Andy’s role following a loss is to interpret the intricacies of the policy, evaluate and document the full scope of the damage, and negotiate a claim to maximize and expedite the client’s financial recovery. In the same way that the insurance company has an adjuster to protect their interests, Andy is an adjuster who works on behalf of his clients, serving as an advocate to ensure that their needs are professionally represented. Naturally gifted in communication, Andy excels at coordinating the many moving parts of the recovery process with various internal teams, the insurance company, and the client, orchestrating the operation to stay on track for the best settlement.

Andy has taken many clients through the entire journey of the claims process, from the initial consultation, to the negotiations with the insurance company, to the successful settlement. He has seen firsthand the hardships endured by families when their home or business has been affected by a major disaster. Andy has a tremendous passion for helping people through what is likely the hardest time in their lives. The initial property loss can be emotionally devastating, but few are prepared for the “disaster after the disaster,” the incredibly taxing process of filing their insurance claim. Andy is proud to help those affected by disaster get their claim across the finish line with the settlement they need to recover properly.