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Washington property owners have relied on us for decades to handle property damage claims after Washington State wildfires, floods, and other major property damage. They realize that, at the end of the day, the insurance company is working to protect its financial exposure to every property damage claim that comes across its desk.

Meanwhile, our public adjusters are on the ground by your side, working immediately on your claim and dealing with the insurance company so that you suffer less and get back on your feet sooner. We are property damage insurance claim experts who only work for you, the policyholder — not the insurance company. When they bring their team of experts to your claim, we bring ours and level the playing field to get you a full settlement.

What kind of disasters cause major property damage in Washington?



Washington State wildfires can wipe out businesses and homes within minutes. As you focus on protecting your family and business, allow us to work right away on getting a settlement that places you in a better position to recover.

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Flooded Residential Neighborhood


Heavy rains lead to flooding in Washington state, and then major water damage. Do you have flood insurance? It is often a separate policy. Whether you are concerned about Spokane flooding or similar damage elsewhere, check if your property is in the floodplain and contact us for a policy review.

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In case of an earthquake, Washington property owners should be well-versed in the coverage for their commercial property and home. Our team can help you understand your policy in the event of a Seattle earthquake or an earthquake that hits elsewhere in the state.

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Adjusters International Commercial Fire Claim


Whether your business is hit by a Seattle fire or other fires in Washington State, our inventory specialists will document and assess everything that was damaged on your property for your claim, down to the last paperclip.

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Why should Washington property owners hire a public adjuster for property damage claims?

Most likely, you have never handled a major property damage insurance claim. The details and deadlines are complex and take time to navigate. The insurance company will have its own team working on its behalf. Who do you have working for you?

If you enlist an experienced public adjuster, your life becomes a lot easier. As you focus on your family, employees, and business, a public adjuster will handle every step of your claim, keeping the insurance company informed to make sure there are no unnecessary delays and that they understand the true extent of your property damage. In the end, a public adjuster will secure a full settlement for you.

Why use a licensed public adjuster from Adjusters International Pacific Northwest?

Check our references and testimonials. We have decades of experience securing millions in property damage settlements for thousands of Washington property owners. We are natives of the state and know how to deal with disasters that affect our area. We are close by with extensive resources to work right away and secure a full insurance claim settlement for you.

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