Oftentimes post-disaster, policyholders unfortunately discover that they do not have enough insurance on their property. Preparation and planning in advance surely can help avoid such issues as being underinsured. However, after a loss there are still options available to the policyholder to maximize their financial recovery and minimize their underinsured loss.


Clay Gibson
Clay Gibson
Vice President of Claims

Clay Gibson’s professional career has been primarily in the insurance and disaster recovery industries. Now with Adjusters International, he uses this knowledge and experience to represent clients who have lost their homes and/or businesses in disasters. One of Clay’s roles is to ensure that all clients are satisfied with the services we provided. With over 25 years’ experience in the insurance field, Clay is fluent in “insurance speak” and understands the nuances in claims processes that can mean the difference between ruin and recovery for a disaster victim.

Clay, Director of Operations, is licensed as a public adjuster in 11 states and has represented clients throughout the western United States including victims of the San Bruno PG&E Pipeline Explosion, the Big Sur Wildfire, and the Boles Fire in Weed, California.

Clay has been featured as an expert panelist on Adjusters International’s Property Insurance Roundtable podcast in the episodes titled, “How to Make the Most of an Underinsured Loss,” and “Disasters Raising Questions of Insurance Adequacy.”

C. Todd Thomas
Ethan Gross
Ethan A. Gross, JD
Chief Executive Officer

Ethan A. Gross is the Chief Executive Officer of Globe Midwest Adjusters International. During his 30+ years as a public insurance adjuster, Mr. Gross has managed numerous complex claims resulting in favorable settlements on behalf of homeowners and multi-million dollar corporations throughout the United States and Canada. He is often appointed to serve as an arbitrator in resolving disputed insurance claims, and as an appraiser and umpire in statutory appraisals.

Mr. Gross frequently presents on insurance claims issues to professional groups throughout the country and has published several articles on a variety of property insurance claim topics. He also presents insurance courses certified by the state of Michigan for Continuing Education credits.

Before joining Globe Midwest as a fourth generation public adjuster, he worked as an attorney specializing in first party property insurance litigation. He is a member, and former board member, of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters and is the current President of the Michigan Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. Mr. Gross also belongs to both the American Bar Association and the Michigan Bar Association. He earned a B.S. from Eastern Michigan University in 1989 and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Michigan State University College of Law in 1993.


Marjorie Zeoli Musick

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