A Letter of Recommendation


Wendy Bone: To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt gratitude, to Adjusters International, and more specifically, our General Adjuster, Jessica Bivens, in the handling of our insurance claim. After losing our home, and much of our landscaping, in an April 3rd, 2010, house-fire, we (my husband and I), quickly learned, within two days of the accident, that our insurance company avoided our best interests.

Michael Bone: Wendy and I didn’t go into our first ever meeting with a public adjuster without reservation and skepticism. How would Adjusters International deal with my insurance company? What would AI do to look out for my family’s needs? What is AI’s fee? And how can I possibly rebuild my home, knowing that a portion of my settlement would go to a public adjuster?

There was so much I didn’t understand, so much to learn, and on top of that Wendy and I had full-time jobs, and six children to raise. Jessica Bivens answered my questions with confidence and with an assertiveness that told me she would not be trampled on by our insurance company. After several days of thought and prayer, my relationship with AI, and Jessica began.

Wendy Bone: Over the next twelve months, all correspondence with my insurance company went through Jessica, allowing Michael and I to work, and raise our family with less stress.

Michael Bone: Jessica handled our insurance company wonderfully. Contractor bids – on our end, and on the insurance company’s end – turned out so that we could rebuild our home and have the necessary funds to pay AI, and even have a little extra to cover other expenses, as we desired.

(New Scene)

Wendy Bone: Hi Jessica! It’s so good to see you! (Pause – hug) Oh, it’s so good to see you…Welcome to our home!

Jessica Bivens: Your house looks beautiful.

Michael Bone: (Hugging Jessica) Yea…it’s good to see you.

Wendy Bone: Well, thank you.

Jessica Bivens: Oh my gosh…

(End of Scene)

Michael Bone: I have no doubt that Adjusters International has done for us, what we would not have been able to do for ourselves. If anything, we would have become so frustrated with the process of dealing with our insurance company, that we would have not received what we were entitled to.

Thank you for relieving our fears and for helping us reclaim our home. We certainly hope to never use you again, but we know where to go, should the need arise.

Sincerely, Michael and Wendy Bone.