Adjusters International Public Adjusters Advantage

Public Adjusters Can Give Your Clients an Advantage

When your client turns to you in the event of a property damage claim, you can turn to us for access to a team of licensed professionals to help ensure the physical and financial recovery of the property you manage.

Since 1946, we’ve helped thousands of clients with property damage and business interruption claims, recovering billions of dollars in insurance settlements. Let us help you and your client do the same.

Some Questions To Ask

  • Following a property damage loss, what are the duties and responsibilities of the policyholder?
  • Are property owners required by their insurance company to protect the property from further damage and to mitigate the extent of the loss?
  • What if the insurance company’s representatives do not arrive for days – what immediate steps should be taken by the policyholder, if any?
  • How are tenant leases handled?
  • What are the tenant’s rights and obligations following a property damage loss?
  • Is the tenant’s property covered by the property owner’s policy? How about any improvements and betterments made at their expense? If not, can they receive the value of the improvements? If so, would they be prorated over the remaining term of their lease?
  • Are loss of rents covered if the policyholder purchased loss of income insurance? If so, for what period of time? What important points must be considered?

The insurance company has a team of experts protecting their interests, your client also deserves an advocate looking out for their interests.

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