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Since our business opened in 1970—even before the eruption of Mount St. Helens—Adjusters International has held our regional headquarters in the heart of Seattle, Washington. Our Seattle-native staff knows that the rainy months and cloudy days keep the Evergreen State green, and when a major disaster hits your home or business, you can trust us to know the ins and outs of your property insurance claim specific to Washington. From Everett to Vancouver…from Ellensburg to Spokane…through fire, flood, earthquake, windstorm, theft, vandalism, or business interruption—we know Washington property insurance claims.
Seattle Office of Adjusters International Pacific Northwest 4300 36th Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98199

Whatever damage your property has sustained, our public adjusting services can meet your needs for someone working on your behalf: a dedicated public insurance adjuster. Our service is unparalleled. Our reach is widespread.

The public adjusters at Adjusters International have helped thousands of homeowners, businesses and organizations throughout Western Washington and Eastern Washington successfully recover from all types of disasters. We encourage you to get in touch with our references.

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