Steve Sites, like the vast majority of people who experience major property damage, believed that the insurance company significantly underestimated the insurance claim for his home in Everett, WA. He shared his concerns with his attorney who suggested that he hire a public adjuster to prepare and negotiate the claim on his behalf. Steve took the advice and, after researching reputable public adjusting firms in his area, decided to hire Adjusters International. After his claim was settled, he detailed the results in a letter of recommendation for our services:

After a discussion with my lawyer, I decided to secure the services that Adjusters International offered...Many things were discovered by Adjusters International that were missed by the initial estimate and provided to me by my insurance company. Most of these were code improvements and structural issues that had not been addressed in my initial estimate for covered costs. After much contact between myself and Adjusters International, the figure that was arrived at as to bring my home back to livable and legal, was almost 100K above the original estimate had been provided to me from my insurance company.

Steve Sites

If you feel that your insurance company is not giving you the settlement you deserve, contact our public adjusters to see how we can help you get the maximum allowed under the terms of your property insurance policy.