On behalf of our whole congregation, please accept our sincere thanks for the outstanding effort you put in settling our claim with the insurance company. No words would ever be enough to describe the joy of our congregation on Christmas Eve, when we were able to meet in our new building for the first time. In September when the first fire happened, Adjusters International promised us their best person for the job, and that couldn’t be any truer. Your knowledge, persistence, and great attitude of “going the extra mile,” contributed tremendously to the success of the reconstruction process.

Pastor Pavel Sandu
Golgotha Baptist Church


Golgotha Baptist Church (a Moldavian-Romanian Church) survived after suffering from two arson fires with the help of Adjusters International. One in September of 2013 and the second in February of 2014, the infernos caused destruction and damages estimating over one million dollars.

Adjusters International was retained within days of the first fire at the recommendation of the National Romanian Baptist Church’s President. Adjusters International’s goal was to address the convoluted insurance issues while guiding the community through one of its hardest ordeals. The establishment was more than just a church – it served as a school, meeting place and safe haven. Many evenings at the church were filled with community dinners, activities and casual gatherings of members that shared values, language and a strong sense of belonging.

Following the second fire, Adjusters International’s team had to navigate the complexities of two claims, determine the extent of each fire, and identify which claim covered what damage. This was crucial to the church’s recovery as the insurance coverage was limited. The second fire reset coverages and afforded additional coverage to help bring the church whole. The Pacific Northwest team did an outstanding job in negotiating a claim that allowed the church to receive the funds to rebuild an amazing facility.

After nearly two years of rebuilding, Golgotha Baptist Church reopened with a dedication service, thanking all of the patrons who so graciously helped in the effort of reconstruction. In attendance were nearly 1,000 members including those of the church and community, news crews, and members of national churches, regional churches, volunteers, and residents. Adjusters International was more than appreciative of the church’s gratitude and kind words, as they thanked them as the “only reason the church survived.”