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We build and uphold our reputation every day by successfully managing claims and getting our clients the financial recovery they need to return to their lives sooner. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you and how we can help. As you consider having us work on your behalf, see what some of our clients are saying.
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In the months that followed, it became clear that you are indeed knowledgeable about insurance processes. In addition, you have a keen sense of strategy, and highly effective people skills. You patiently shared your strengths with us and for that we are deeply grateful. We’ve often commented to friends, “When we have our taxes done, we hire a professional”. Now we are in a situation that we have never before experienced, so we are hiring a professional to guide us in our claim… Beyond your expertise, you gave us your friendship. You were always there for us, let us in a window of your own family life and “held our hands” when that was that was most needed.
Fred & Ceil Sharman
You and your staff were extremely sympathetic and very professional in the way our claim was handled. We know there is no way that we could have received anywhere near as much compensation from the insurance company as what you were able to get for us. You got us more than we ever expected. One of the best things you did for us was taking over and doing all the negotiations. As you know, we met the adjuster from the insurance company the day after the fire and never spoke to him again as you handled everything.
Joe & Evelyn Schorr
In those first days, we felt comfortable that the expertise within our congregation along with the assurances from our insurance company’s adjuster were all that was needed to put the destruction behind us and allow us to rebuild. I believe this was the single biggest mistake we made in the process of our crises. Moving through the process, we became mired in a protracted disappointing, difficult negotiation with our insurance company. When The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International got involved, the insurance company’s offer was a little over two million dollars. When all was said and done, our negotiated settlement was just short of three and a half million dollars, over 60% increase! Drew and The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International earned every penny they charged. If I were to go back in time or had another claim of any kind the first call after 911 would be to The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International. They are worth it. We cannot recommend them highly enough.
Pastor Josh Tanner, Abbott Loop Community Church
Adjusters International worked tirelessly with our business to put together the necessary information to get the best possible results from the insurance company that would be the best outcome for our situation. While other businesses faced with similar circumstances were being turned away by their insurance providers due to the nature of the record snowfalls our region faced, Adjusters International fought on our behalf to secure a settlement for the full amount of our policy.
William Mitchell, Manager
Classic Visions Enterprises, dba Volunteers of America
During the days that followed, many people appeared. Some were public adjusters and others were contractors. They all suggested that they could help us. As the dust settled and it became clear that there was no one on "our side," we began to think that maybe we could use some help. Maybe, just maybe, I was not as prepared for what lay a ahead as I thought. I met with you and Steve Severaid from your office. I met with others who offered similar services and as a result of these early meetings I set up interviews for the "final contestants" with our board of directors. It became clear during the interviews that Adjusters International was a "cut above the rest." It was clear that you would assemble a team that would represent our interests unfailingly regardless of the fact that you were located on the mainland. It became evident…from referrals and your intensity and conviction…that you were clearly the best choice for us. We never looked back. We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job that you did. You were there for us every step of the way. You fought for us unwaveringly on difficult matters. You got us more than double what we probably would have gotten had we not hired you. You were worth every penny we paid you. We would never consider handling a claim of this size without you.
Interstate Building
Calvin S. Oki, Building Manager
Wendy and I didn’t go into our first-ever meeting with a public adjuster without reservation and skepticism. How would Adjusters International deal with my insurance company? What would AI do to look out for my family’s needs? What is AI’s fee, and how can I possibly rebuild my home knowing that a portion of my settlement would go to a public adjuster? There was so much I didn’t understand, so much to learn, and on top of that Wendy and I had full-time jobs and six children to raise. Jessica Bivens answered my questions with confidence and an assertiveness that told me she would not be trampled on by our insurance company. At the same time she outlined, with sensitivity, where our family would be going from here in setting up housing, replacing items, requesting advances and otherwise making our family comfortable in a difficult situation. After several days of thought and prayer my relationship with AI and Jessica began...In the end, Wendy and I are so grateful that we went with AI. Jessica Bivens is an asset to the company, and she’s become a true friend. We are in our new home, have replaced our furniture and other property, and things are finally beginning to feel normal again. I have no doubt that Adjusters International has done for us what we would not have been able to do for ourselves. If anything, we would have become so frustrated with the process of dealing with our insurance company that we would not have received what we were entitled to. Thank you for relieving our fears and for helping us reclaim our home.
Michael & Wendy Bone
When we first met, I stressed the importance of my home’s historic nature and how I was concerned that my insurance company was not going to fully appreciate the expense it will take to repair my home. It was clear from our conversations, that you and your team appreciated the artistry of my home and the complexity of handling a claim of this nature. Now that my claim has reached its conclusion, I am extremely happy that I retained The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International to handle my loss. Your team helped document the increased cost of plaster, the ornate trims, and the Victorian features that is unique to my house. Additionally, your team documented my personal property with meticulous detail allowing me to recover all of the monies that was due to me under my policy. With retrospect, hiring The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International was an excellent decision. I couldn’t have done it without the support of you, Clay Gibson, and the team at The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International.
Dr. Jason Ian McIssac
The settlement was beyond my expectations and almost three times what we thought it would be…I knew there were going to be numerous issues. Co-insurance penalties was a huge problem as my insurance company tried to reduce the amount of money it owed by claiming I did not adequately insure the building. There were attorneys, contractors, fire department folks, investigators, ATF, and numerous other entities that were involved in this claim. Your team dealt with them and the army of insurance consultants very well. You got the best result and your effort to negotiate the coinsurance, depreciation, and extra expense up front was excellent…I recovered much more than I ever thought I could have on my own. I paid almost $200,000 in fees for your services. It was worth every cent in terms of the service received. There is no way I could have negotiated the settlement you did.
Max Smith, Esq.
Red Mountain JV
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