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You and your team worked closely with my team of professionals that included the contractors, the engineers, the industrial hygienist, the remediation crews and most importantly, the insured (me) and guided us through this complex and at times, frustrating process. You are able to accurately assess the building loss as well as the loss from business interruption...You have efficiently and effectively negotiate on my behalf with the insurance company...The final insurance settlement was more than three times of the initial settlement offer of $500,000. I could not have accomplished this without your help. The best part is that all the insurance benefits were paid up front. Now the construction is completed, I am happy to say that I got almost a new office building, with more than 65% of the interiors and exteriors being re-done.

Mimi S. J. Hu, Principal
Levin & Hu, LLP, CPAs

As you know, I started negotiating with their adjuster on my own after the loss occurred. That was perhaps the worst business decision I have ever made. I finally realized that I needed representation by someone who was an expert in insurance losses. By the time I engaged your services MSI had already had their own consulting engineer look at the building and had recommended a repair plan that was totally unacceptable. It took Adjusters International to undo that plan and negotiate the settlement to which we agreed. Based upon the offer to settle made by MSI before Adjusters International intervened and the one we finally accepted, the final settlement was nearly three times the original offer. Or to put it another way, I received an additional sum of money that was twelve times more than the fees Adjusters International charged me. That was a good investment!

Lowell Lancaster
Lancaster Company

We sincerely appreciate your skills and efforts in navigating us through all the problems and hurdles that the insurance company threw our way. First, you were instrumental in dealing with the tenants and their displacement. Second, your claim strategy and game plan for the mitigation efforts were well thought out and crafted towards a speedy recovery. Third, the team of experts you retained, including your construction consultant was a tremendous asset to our eventual settlement. Fourth, your interaction with our lender and diligence in following up to get their attorneys on track with our recovery was extremely helpful. Finally, the skills you and your team employed in negotiating with our insurance company and its army of consultants and adjusters resulted in a policy limits resolution.

Camilla Barrett
Gastineau Apartments

Our loss was certainly not easy to measure. Your staff of building experts prepared a greatly detailed building estimate that carefully measured all of our damages. Much of our stock was also damaged to varying degrees, which made the detailed quantification and evaluation a very difficult task. Our equipment and machinery was still operational, yet you were able to negotiate a generous repair/damage allowance for machinery that was exposed to water and potential future corrosion. Our business interruption loss was also quite complicated. While we were able to complete most of our current orders at that time, we suffered a substantial loss of opportunity. Our normal margin was eroded by inefficiencies due to working in a damaged facility. Your team of professionals successfully identified and demonstrated this loss by developing a model which measured and supported that loss of opportunity and allowed us to recover appropriately. Your experts accurately interpreted our policy so that we could utilize all aspects of our coverage, and all aspects of our loss - even those which we didn't initially recognize - were skillfully measured. Adjusters International managed to minimize the impact of a very serious co-insurance clause, which saved Gerber hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your personnel dealt admirably with the language barrier, the substantial travel time to and from the loss sites and the numerous parties involved in our loss, and eventually negotiated very favorable settlements.

Jay R. Cope, Vice President - Operations Services
Gerber Childrenswear, Inc. were extremely helpful in handling the claims on behalf of the Client, from reviewing the policies, attending site inspections with the insurer's experts, attending meetings with the Client and assisting in quantifying the actual and potential losses. Your team conducted themselves with extreme diligence, integrity and absolute professionalism. With the assistance and guidance of these professionals, Mauna Kea Resorts reached an amicable resolution with the insurer.

Lanson K. Kupau
Kobayashi, Sugita, Goda

Despite a good business background I very quickly realized that I did not have the expertise or experience to document the claim to our insurance company. And although we had been with that insurance company for more than ten years, it was quickly apparent that as far as they were concerned, we were on our own in documenting our claim. I first tried to enlist the aid of our accounting firm or our attorney. Although we use a national accounting firm and a large regional law firm, both admitted they lacked the experience to document our claim... As a direct result of the professional expertise of Adjusters International, we received much more from our insurance company than Adjusters International's fee, and we strongly recommend them to others.

William Leslie, Corporate Controller
Greshham Toyota, Inc.

As you are well aware, the promises that the insurance adjuster makes immediately following a fire do not always pan out. In our case, the explanation of our business interruption coverage was way off base. Co-insurance and the way it affects actual coverage seem to be poorly understood by the general public. Prior to the fire, I thought I understood the provisions of our coverage but of course that was not the case. Never having filed a major claim before, it came as something of a shock to find that my insurance policy did not really say what it seemed to. Without your guidance and assistance in submitting my claims, I am certain that I would have had little success in recovering the money due to Valley Lumber Co.

Dan Graves, General Manager
Valley Lumber & Building Supply

Your team was fabulous when it came to the details relating to the rebuilding the structure and accounting for a settlement from our insurance company. Your team is not only professional but also held our hand throughout the process. Each member of your team was meticulous when it came to the details. You were even able to get us reimbursed for the cost of the items required to meet the standard building codes. Not only were you on top of things, but you were able to negotiate us a settlement almost double what the insurance company had originally offered us.

Herb Gatewood, President
Fontanelle HOA
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