Lahaina Wildfire Claim Management Assistance - Resources

Adjusters International stayed on top of the carrier throughout the drawn out claim process…One of the biggest benefits of working with Adjusters International was on our business interruption claim. While I have many years of experience with US GAAP, UK GAAP and IFRS – the accounting for our BI claim was essentially a new form of accounting…The total claims ended up being just under $50 million…The company did not have the internal resources to take on major workload of complying with all the carrier’s information requests, nor did it have the experience necessary to handle such a claim. Hiring Adjusters International was a wise and prudent decision as without its input, guidance, assistance and perseverance; we would not have recovered the amount of funds we did… I would highly recommend Adjusters International to others based on their experienced and committed team.

Stephen C. Ruffini
Village Farms, LP

Having your own public adjuster assess the damage before the insurance company’s adjuster can make the difference in securing a settlement that will fully restore your damaged property.

Why Adjusters International

Why Adjusters International Pacific

  • As the largest and oldest public adjusting firm in the Pacific Northwest, we have handled thousands of hailstorm damage claims, more than any other regional public adjusting firm.
  • Our team comprises public adjusters knowledgeable in all facets of your insurance policy.
  • Our construction estimators are building experts that carefully inspect and document all damage, including damage to your roofing and HVAC systems, windows, sliding, and operational equipment.
  • We secure settlements that are often multiple times higher than the insurance company’s initial offer.
  • With more local offices than any other firm, our team is onsite immediately to take command of the situation.
  • We arrange for and manage the clean-up process if needed.
  • Our teams are local to your commercial property, enabling them to clearly understand and interpret local zoning laws, and labor and materials costs to produce accurate estimates.

What to Focus on After a Hailstorm

Before engaging your insurance company, consider the following questions:

  • What is my insurance agent's or broker’s role in the process? When faced with supporting my position, with whom will they stand?
  • Loss of appearance allowances — are they covered?
  • The insurance company hired a construction estimator. What do I need to know?
  • Why is a claims strategy so important?
  • Am I impacted by coinsurance?
  • How can the insurance adjuster represent both me and the insurance company?

The Difference We Make

We work exclusively for YOU, not the insurance company. Our insurance professionals have negotiated thousands of claims for nearly every type of disaster. Local in our approach, we have an unmatched network of resources to efficiently mobilize and be at your side.

Our Results

Navajo Manufacturing

4.3 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest
11.3 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest

Pima Commerce Center

Adjusters International Pacific Northwest
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest

Village Farms

37 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest
48.8 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest

Scottsdale Mission

1.8 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest
2.3 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest

Actual results will vary based on individual circumstance and nature of insurance claim loss. There are no guarantees you will experience the same results.