When it was initially suggested that we hire an independent loss consultant, I must admit I was skeptical of the need. However, I am convinced beyond all doubt that it was the best decision for the district to retain your services. With everything I had to do regarding the process from the day of the fire to the final occupancy of the rebuilt building, it was always comforting to know that when it came to dealing with the insurance company, all I had to do was pick up the phone and call Adjusters International and it was taken care of in a professional manner. I am convinced that we received a fair and just settlement. In addition our insurance agent was spared the unpleasant task of being the mediator between us and the insurance company.

Kenneth W. Rezac, Business Manager
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    Your school just suffered serious damage and you are wondering what to do next.

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    You call your insurance company and wait for an adjuster to come out, hoping that they will have your best interests at heart. After all, they accepted your premium for years in a very nice way. Now you expect that they will "do the right thing."

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    You will soon discover that you have moved from the asset side of your insurance company's ledger (you paying your premiums on time) to the liability side of their ledger (they need to pay you for your damages). Often, the money they owe you now will far exceed any premium payment you paid or would pay in the future.

We Can Help

Knowing everything you possibly can about the "fine print" of your insurance policy before you have any substantive dialogue with your insurer is an absolute necessity. Know what you are covered for and how to claim it. What you say to your insurance company's adjuster and how you say it can make a dramatic difference in how much you get paid. The more you know, the better the results.

Educational Factors To Consider

Be sure to understand each of the following factors before engaging with the insurance company. Knowledge is the key to a successful claim outcome.

  • What is my broker's/agent’s role?
  • Does the adjuster work for us or the insurance company? Why they can't work for both. Conflict.
  • Does the insurance company pay for professionals necessary to evaluate my claim? Are they working for me or them?
  • Can I compensate employees who help with cleaning or restoration?
  • Is the insurance company using an independent building or equipment consultant to prepare a bid? Who are these consultants? Who are they working for? Do they only work for insurance companies?
  • How quickly can I get started rebuilding?
  • Does my risk manager have the requisite skill sets to negotiate a large property claim?
  • JPA's and Pools. Do they really have my district's best interest in mind?
  • How does my policy address increased costs due to new codes? If my coverage is limited, what can I do about it?
  • Temporary facilities. Portables. Hardscape. Temporary or permanent? How presenting my story can affect my recovery. Do I know my policy provisions?
  • Do we have the resources in-house to address students' and teachers’ needs and get the most from the insurance company?
  • Typical school inventories can be 5,000 items or more. They need to have ages, source documents to support replacement prices, and condition coding to secure the settlement. What is the time commitment necessary to prepare the inventory?
  • Will the insurance company pay for a construction manager?
  • What is the difference between a schedule of values and a schedule of limits?
  • Employees' personal property and/or tools - How does the policy respond?
  • What does Title 24 and handicap access mean to me and my claim?
  • What are extra expenses? What can be included? Can I use extra expenses to offset shortfalls in property coverages?
  • Is there coinsurance in my policy? What does it mean?
  • What are expediting expenses? How do they differ from extra expenses?
  • Temporary locations? What happens at the end of my claim?
  • How does the event affect volunteers?
  • How does the event affect donations?
  • Utilizing extra expense coverage to secure "E-Space" for classrooms off-campus.
  • Can I compensate employees or volunteers who help with cleaning or restoration?

The Difference Public Adjusters Make

We work exclusively for YOU, not the insurance company. Our insurance professionals have managed and negotiated thousands of claims for nearly every type of natural and man-made disaster. Local in our approach, we have over forty offices across the U.S. and Canada, and an unmatched network of expert resources to efficiently mobilize and be at your side.

Our Results

Compass High School

1.2 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest
2.4 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest

Children's Community Charter School

1.6 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest
3.6 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest

Santa Rosa City Schools

1.5 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest
6.5 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest

Dos Palos High School

3.5 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest
9 million
Adjusters International Pacific Northwest

Actual results will vary based on individual circumstance and nature of insurance claim loss. There are no guarantees you will experience the same results.