Alaska Testimonials

In those first days, we felt comfortable that the expertise within our congregation along with the assurances from our insurance company’s adjuster were all that was needed to put the destruction behind us and allow us to rebuild. I believe this was the single biggest mistake we made in the process of our crises. Moving through the process, we became mired in a protracted disappointing, difficult negotiation with our insurance company. When The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International got involved, the insurance company’s offer was a little over two million dollars. When all was said and done, our negotiated settlement was just short of three and a half million dollars, over 60% increase! Drew and The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International earned every penny they charged. If I were to go back in time or had another claim of any kind the first call after 911 would be to The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International. They are worth it. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

As you are well aware, the promises that the insurance adjuster makes immediately following a fire do not always pan out. In our case, the explanation of our business interruption coverage was way off base. Co-insurance and the way it affects actual coverage seem to be poorly understood by the general public. Prior to the fire, I thought I understood the provisions of our coverage but of course that was not the case. Never having filed a major claim before, it came as something of a shock to find that my insurance policy did not really say what it seemed to. Without your guidance and assistance in submitting my claims, I am certain that I would have had little success in recovering the money due to Valley Lumber Co.

Valley Lumber & Building Supply Company

We sincerely appreciate your skills and efforts in navigating us through all the problems and hurdles that the insurance company threw our way. First, you were instrumental in dealing with the tenants and their displacement. Second, your claim strategy and game plan for the mitigation efforts were well thought out and crafted towards a speedy recovery. Third, the team of experts you retained, including your construction consultant was a tremendous asset to our eventual settlement. Fourth, your interaction with our lender and diligence in following up to get their attorneys on track with our recovery was extremely helpful. Finally, the skills you and your team employed in negotiating with our insurance company and its army of consultants and adjusters resulted in a policy limits resolution.

Gastineau Apartments, LLC

We were very impressed with yourself and your staff of experts, all of whom were extremely efficient, helpful, and courteous…We always felt secure knowing that our interests were well protected and that as a result the settlement we received was fair and arrived in a timely fashion.

Owners and Directors
Images of the North

I didn’t know what to do, so I turned to you for a variety of reasons… I knew you had the knowledge and expertise to help me. You came through with compassion and understanding. You have continued to offer support and advice, steering me in the right directions on many issues and for all of this I will be forever grateful.

It took approximately six weeks of frustration and wasted time after my fire to realize that I needed help in dealing with my situation…Engaging your services was one of the wisest business decisions that I’ve ever made. There is no doubt that you were able to recover more than I ever could have on my own.

Sunrise Grill & Pancake House