Hawaii Testimonials

During the days that followed, many people appeared. Some were public adjusters and others were contractors. They all suggested that they could help us. As the dust settled and it became clear that there was no one on "our side," we began to think that maybe we could use some help. Maybe, just maybe, I was not as prepared for what lay a ahead as I thought. I met with you and Steve Severaid from your office. I met with others who offered similar services and as a result of these early meetings I set up interviews for the "final contestants" with our board of directors. It became clear during the interviews that Adjusters International was a "cut above the rest." It was clear that you would assemble a team that would represent our interests unfailingly regardless of the fact that you were located on the mainland. It became evident…from referrals and your intensity and conviction…that you were clearly the best choice for us. We never looked back. We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job that you did. You were there for us every step of the way. You fought for us unwaveringly on difficult matters. You got us more than double what we probably would have gotten had we not hired you. You were worth every penny we paid you. We would never consider handling a claim of this size without you.

Calvin S. Oki, Building Manager

The best thing that happened was when they hired Adjusters International! Don't know what would have happened if we didn't have your company's help in dealing with the insurance adjusters and consultants.

...Based upon the recommendation by the hotel’s legal counsel, Adjusters International was retained as “insurance adjusters” representing the hotel’s interest. Adjusters International immediately took control of the situation...Adjusters International performed their duties in a highly professional manner exhibiting extraordinary knowledge in insurance claims processing, representing and fighting for the best interests of the policy holder, Mauna Kea Resort. This was further evidenced during the earthquake damage repairs at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel.

We were out of our league without sufficient knowledge to make these important decisions until you and your staff arrived on the scene. Your knowledge of the claims process and ability to focus the necessary expertise on our claim was invaluable.

In comparison, your competition in the Manualoha complex did an extraordinary sub-standard job. It is my understanding that they 'underbid' your company by a small amount. This occurrence is living proof that you 'get what you pay for.

Smith & Nephew Richards

...The fire was extremely disruptive to our business. It severely damaged much of our complicated equipment, destroyed much of our inventory and interrupted the start up of our major contract…Your team was on site and was totally devoted to our cause from the beginning. We are a very small organization and had neither the manpower nor the expertise necessary to properly assess and value the damage. By working with you we identified losses that we would have missed. Further, our bank and our customer were both impressed that we reached out to professionals to assist in resolving out claim. You kept us informed and kept your entire team fully engaged. Our initial concern was that we were too small to be of interest to you. You treated our loss in the same manner as you would have treated your own.

Hawaiian Waste System, LLC

...We will now have the means to rebuild and reopen our restaurant to the relief and satisfaction to all of our employees and our loyal customers who have stayed in contact with us over these months.

Hospitality Hawaii Corporation

...you were extremely helpful in handling the claims on behalf of the Client, from reviewing the policies, attending site inspections with the insurer's experts, attending meetings with the Client and assisting in quantifying the actual and potential losses. Your team conducted themselves with extreme diligence, integrity and absolute professionalism. With the assistance and guidance of these professionals, Mauna Kea Resorts reached an amicable resolution with the insurer.

You and your team worked closely with my team of professionals that included the contractors, the engineers, the industrial hygienist, the remediation crews and most importantly, the insured (me) and guided us through this complex and at times, frustrating process. You are able to accurately assess the building loss as well as the loss from business interruption... You have efficiently and effectively negotiated on my behalf with the insurance company…The final insurance settlement was more than three times of the initial settlement offer of $500,000. I could not have accomplished this without your help. The best part is that all the insurance benefits were paid up front. Now the construction is completed, I am happy to say that I got almost a new office building, with more than 65% of the interiors and exteriors being re-done.

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