Idaho Testimonials

Wendy and I didn’t go into our first-ever meeting with a public adjuster without reservation and skepticism. How would Adjusters International deal with my insurance company? What would AI do to look out for my family’s needs? What is AI’s fee, and how can I possibly rebuild my home knowing that a portion of my settlement would go to a public adjuster? There was so much I didn’t understand, so much to learn, and on top of that Wendy and I had full-time jobs and six children to raise. Jessica Bivens answered my questions with confidence and an assertiveness that told me she would not be trampled on by our insurance company. At the same time she outlined, with sensitivity, where our family would be going from here in setting up housing, replacing items, requesting advances and otherwise making our family comfortable in a difficult situation. After several days of thought and prayer my relationship with AI and Jessica began...In the end, Wendy and I are so grateful that we went with AI. Jessica Bivens is an asset to the company, and she’s become a true friend. We are in our new home, have replaced our furniture and other property, and things are finally beginning to feel normal again. I have no doubt that Adjusters International has done for us what we would not have been able to do for ourselves. If anything, we would have become so frustrated with the process of dealing with our insurance company that we would not have received what we were entitled to. Thank you for relieving our fears and for helping us reclaim our home.

Right from the beginning it was apparent the insurance company was not going to deal fairly. Their inadequate offer to settle on the structure for a mere $250,000 was shocking. We are extremely grateful for you coming to our aid. Without you and your team’s expertise and your detailed valuation of our loss we could never have reached the settlement you were able to negotiate for us in excess of $1,000,000…You and your team were there for us every step of the way. You persevered and were able to guide us through this nightmare, allowing us to recover much more than we could have on our own.

As one of the larger producers of garbanzo beans in The West, we pride ourselves in knowing everything there is to know about our craft. We also pride ourselves on knowing when someone else knows better. It’s not often that one’s expectations are exceeded. You exceeded our expectations. As far as the fire is concerned, our claim is settled, our storage capacity is double what it was, your fee was paid, and in essence, it cost us nothing. You are one of the best investments we ever made. And as far as the collapse is concerned, your meticulous, forensic approach to our claim caused the carrier to come to the table and change their offer from zero to almost $500,000. We can’t thank you enough for your efforts in our behalf.

You came to the aid of Pacific West and myself when we were really between a rock and a hard spot. This was the second fire we had been through; the first fire we had we tried to handle the claim ourselves and that turned out to be a disaster. You billed me fairly and worked with me throughout this whole process, in a very professional diligent manner. These guys [know] what they are doing and are very professional about it.

I believe the satisfactory settlement with our insurance carrier was due solely to the thorough and professional manner in which this claim was handled by your company… Thank you for your superior business practices, advise and support that made this ordeal more bearable.

Interstate Plastics

You guided me every step of the way through the difficulty process of scoping the damage, identifying the code upgrades, obtaining loss of rents, and applying the insurance policy in a manner to maximize the insurance policy benefit. You negotiated an excellent settlement on the repairs. I was able to recover more than I would have on my own. Thank you. You folks know your stuff.

Levan Boise Real Estate Holdings, LLC.

I am sure Adjusters International was responsible for our receiving double what we would have without their help in settling our claim.

It was quickly apparent that the insurance company was not interested in what was best of us. They were only interested in paying as little as possible. We are confident that without you we would not have recovered as much as we did. You were able to identify the deficiencies in the insurance company’s building estimate which resulted in an additional payment of almost twice the proposed amount. Your expert negotiating abilities coupled with your attention to detail and persistent follow up assured the claim would be settled for a fair amount. You left no stone unturned.

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