As a policyholder, you do not have to settle for the insurance company’s settlement offer. Keep in mind, their business model is to limit their financial exposure to your claim. How can you get a fair settlement? By enlisting a licensed public adjuster to handle the claims process on your behalf.

We are not a part of your insurance company and we have decades of experience handling major property damage claims. This includes business interruption claims. We save you time and stress, handling every step and negotiating a full and fair settlement.

What kinds of disasters cause major property damage in Idaho?

House Wind Damage

Idaho Wind Damage

Heavy winds can rip off rooftops and uproot trees that slam into homes and office buildings. The damage can interrupt your life for months without proper claim help.

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Adjusters International Storm Claim

Winter Storm Damage

Winter storms can cause roofs to collapse, power outages, burst pipes, and water damage. We help you understand what your policy covers.

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Wildfire Consuming a Forest

Idaho Fires & Idaho Wildfires

Check the Idaho fire map to see if your property is vulnerable to Idaho forest fires. Also, keep in mind you are vulnerable in an urban or suburban area, too. We can provide immediate assistance after a house fire and commercial property fire. We document the fire damage in detail and present the best options to take.

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Hail on the Ground

Hail Damage

It is crucial to accurately document the damage in a hail damage insurance claim. For example, if you miss a crack in your rooftop, the next storm can lead to a leak and water damage. Will your initial settlement cover the damage?

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Flooded Residential Neighborhood

Idaho Flooding

Are you near an Idaho floodplain? Are you wondering how much is flood insurance in Idaho? Regardless of location or proximity to a floodplain, many property owners can experience a flood loss. When it comes to flood insurance and flood risk, most people may not realize that it must  be purchased as a separate policy from their insurance policy.

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Why should Idaho property owners have a public adjuster on speed dial?

Most likely you have never handled a major property damage claim before. You must understand your insurance policy inside out — the options it provides, and the specifications required to file a claim. If not executed accurately, your claim may get rejected or your settlement may not be enough. It is time-consuming and stress-inducing.

Public adjusters lift that burden. We are property damage claim specialists working only for you. The insurance company has a team protecting its financial exposure to your claim. We level the playing field and get you a full and equitable settlement.

Why turn to a licensed Public Adjuster from Adjusters International Pacific Northwest?

  • Consistent claim success since 1970.
  • Property damage claim specialists for Idaho disasters — wildfires, winter storms, business interruption, and more.
  • Helped thousands of businesses, families, and communities in Idaho and the Northwest.
  • Secured millions in property insurance claim settlements.

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